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​Daisuke Kazaoka


弾き語りとLive Dubのパフォーマンスにて活動中。




2017年にSHAKARAとGrand Ave Recordsを設立。

2018年に「Laid Back」、2020年に「一日の終わり」「ダンスフロア」を発表。


2021年には「星間飛行」、SHAKARAとのコラボ楽曲「Grand Avenue」、

初のLive作品「Live 2021.05.08」を発表する他、

音楽プロデューサーのTAAR・ANIMAL HACKのMASAtOと音声SNS・Clubhouse上で日本で初めての

共作楽曲、「Clubhouse (feat. CHICO CARLITO、青山みつ紀)」

にギタリストとして参加し、そのRemix作品「Cdubhouse(Daisuke Kazaoka reroom)」を発表する。




Daisuke Kazaoka is an artist and composer. He was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1994. 

He is active as a singer-songwriter and also performs live-dub.

He writes, composes, arranges, plays guitar and bass, and other instruments himself.


He started his musical career in Nagoya when he was about 15 years old, and after graduating from high school he studied music at a university in New York.

He founded SHAKARA and Grand Ave Records in 2017.

He released "Laid Back" in 2018 and "End of the Day" and "Dance Floor" in 2020.


In 2021, he released "Interstellar Flight", his first live-work "Live 2021.05.08", "Grand Avenue" which is co-written with SHAKARA, and more.


As a guitarist, he joined "Clubhouse (feat. CHICO CARLITO, Mitsuki Aoyama)", which is voice SNS / Clubhouse's first co-written song in Japan and Music producer, TAAR and ANIMAL HACK's MASAtO hosted.

He released his remix work "Cdubhouse (Daisuke Kazaoka reroom)" as well.


Also, He appeared on TSB Radio After 6 Junction "What is dub? special", his dub version of Rhymester's song "Yoteihamiteide" was played.

He is expanding his range of activities.

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Album, EP

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PART 2 STYLE MAGAZINE 2018年9月号 〜スタジオワン特集

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