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Daisuke Kazaoka / 風岡 大介

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中学時代に自主作成したデモテープを送ったことがきっかけで、名古屋出身のレゲエDeeJayデュオ、Ackee & Saltfish主催の錦コミュニケーションズの下で15歳頃から名古屋中心に活動を始める。高校卒業後アメリカ、ニューヨークの大学で本格的に音楽を学ぶ。 2017年にルームメイトの釈迦楽とGrand Ave Recordsを設立。2018年に自身初となるEP, Laid Backを発表。

Daisuke Kazaoka is an artist and composer. He was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1994. 
He made his first demo at the age 13 and started to perform at 15. At that time, He joined Nishiki Communications, which is a record label managed by Japanese reggae duo, Ackee & Saltfish. 
After graduating high school, he moved to New York to study music at a college. In 2017, he found Grand Ave Records label with his roommate, Shakara. In 2018, he released his first EP called “Laid Back”. 

Album, EP

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PART 2 STYLE MAGAZINE 2018年9月号 〜スタジオワン特集