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2014年東京で結成された、Reggae Sound。 


結成年2014年5月には、Mighty Crown主催の『Sound City』に未成年枠"Young Bloods"として出演。同年6月にも、SUNSET主催の『富士レゲエフェスティバル』に飛び入り出演をし、大きな注目を浴びる。


2017年に、MixCloudにて公開したMix音源『Bruno Mars Mix』が世界急上昇ランキング2位を記録。2018年には、DAMBOSOUND初作品となる『CHILL MIX』『ALL BOBMARLY MIX』の2枚のMixCDを同時リリース。

2019年には、DAMBOSOUND初主催の『Still Holiday Vol.1』を開催し大盛況で終え。その後の2020年には、レーベル”GRAND AVENUE RECORDS”に加入。同年4月に、ネット上で開催されたRYOtheSKYWALKER主催のRemix企画 #コロナRemix に参加。募集開始からわずか2日でMash upを含む3曲の作品を発表し、好評を集めた。

Dambo Sound is a sound system that is formed in Tokyo in 2014.
From formation to the present, the member consists of one member of Shoma (Mc, Selecter).

In May 2014, He appeared in "Sound City" hosted by Mighty Crown as "Young Bloods". In June of the same year, he played at the "Fuji Reggae Festival" hosted by SUNSET.

After that, he appeared in numerous events while keeping regular events. For four consecutive years from 2016,  He visited Osaka for training and has accumulated various careers

In 2017, the mixtape "Bruno Mars Mix" released on MixCloud recorded the second place in the world's rapid rise ranking. In 2018, two mix CDs, "CHILL MIX" and "ALL BOB MARLEY MIX" which are the first works of DAMBOSOUND, were released.

In 2019, DAMBOSOUND's first "Still Holiday Vol.1" was held and ended with great success. In 2020, he joined the label "GRAND AVENUE RECORDS". In April of the same year, he participated in the Remix project #Corona Remix organized by RYOtheSKYWALKER held on the Internet. Just two days after the start of the Corona Remix project, three songs including Mash up were released, and they were well received.

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