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横浜出身のレゲエdeejay、Junk The Stereoのベーシスト。

10代の頃からマイクを握り都内を中心に活動。老舗Reggae Club GARAMにて4年間『it's GROWING』(2019年2月に惜しまれながら終了した。)に出演する。

2019年12月に結成した『Junk The Stereo』ではベースを担当しているがそれまでにベースを弾いたことはなく、ノリとハマオカモトに似ていると理由でベースを始める。

現在は都内、横浜でライブ活動中。また高円寺amp cafeにて『FUNK IN THE HORN』で運営、タコス屋『Pluto's kitchen』、ライブを行なっている。

He is a Reggae deejay from Yokohama and the Bassist of Junk The Stereo.
Since he was a teenager, he has performed mainly in the Kanto area.
Appeared in the long-established Reggae Club GARAM for four years in its regular event "it's GROWING" (finished in February 2019, regretfully).
In "Junk The Stereo" which was formed in December 2019, He was in charge of bass. However, he has never played bass until then. The reason why he started playing bass is just because of that he is similar to Hamaokamoto, who plays 
Besides, he runs "FUNK IN THE HORN" at Koenji amp cafe with Shakara, set up a taco shop "Pluto's kitchen", and also performs live showcase.

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